Communication Workshops


Do you want to be heard every time you talk?

Are you looking for a deeper connection 

with the people in your life?

Do you want to understand how to listen effectively? 

You have arrived!

Imagine what it would be like to experience the profound feeling

of being listened to and really understood.

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Compassionate Listening Workshop was incredible!

Within one hour, I learned more about listening with 

intention, and how to respond effectively with Diana's 

knowledge than from anyone else.

She is deeply knowledgeable, caring and an excellent coach.


In this hands-on and dynamic workshop, Diana teaches the specifics of

her Compassionate Listening techniques and demonstrates the power of listening with intention.  You will learn to practice two communication scenarios and will 

experience a dramatic difference in how you listen and respond.

Compassionate Listening in 2 Easy Steps!

Step #1  Listen with Intention

The first segment of the workshop,

 you will learn how to listen with Intention.

Listening with intention is the most important component to truly hearing what the other person is saying.

You will practice in pairs of two and will quickly discover the power of your intention.

Step #2  Respond and Inquire

The second segment of the workshop is to practice how to learn more about the other person through the communication strategy of "inquiry" 

The inquiry is where the magic is -- the ability to understand how to inquire without judgment, comparison, or defensiveness.  You will experience the power and skillfulness of your response. 

Ideal for parents, individuals, couples, managers, students, teachers, 

and anyone who wants a lifeline to successful relationships!

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