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The truth lies in the choices we have when 

forming our response to the other person.

Diana Kendros, Founder



Why compassion is vital to all communication strategies


The dramatic difference in how you choose to listen 

and respond.


Your communication techniques in 4 easy steps.


Specific compassion 

words for your daily life.


Specific Compassionate Listening Exercises.


Proven evidence-based methods for how to respond in any situation.

Compassionate Listening - Your Lifeline to Successful Relationships!

Diana Kendros, founder, coach and executive director of Diana Kendros Seminars teaches about Compassionate Communication and how to listen with intention, ask for what you want, and gain a deeper awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

Resentment, fear, anger and unmet needs prevent us from feeling compassion. Instead, they create conflict, which makes effective communication impossible. People who learn and practice Compassionate Listening find greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection, and conflict resolution.

In this hands-on seminar, Diana teaches and demonstrates Compassionate Listening Exercises and gives a range of examples that show the dramatic difference in how we listen and respond. 

Diana will include real-life situations, demonstrate role-playing and engage in open discussion. 

FREE GIFT!  Participants receive a Compassionate Listening Toolkit upon completion of the workshop via email.

Diana taught me how to help my teenager

With Diana's Compassionate Listening Exercises, 

I was able to communicate with my teenager more effectively and with compassion, something I never thought was possible. The exercises helped me to better understand and cope with difficult situations.

I highly recommend Diana's workshop.

Suzanne, Grand Rapids, MI

Our team began to out-perform their own goals!

We hired Diana to teach Compassionate Listening strategies to our professional sales teams and she was outstanding!  

Our teams learned and practiced her strategies from their real-life experiences and challenges with our customers. 

Diana's coaching ability gets to the heart of an issue for any circumstance in business and in life.  

Thank you! 

Chicago based company

Diana helped our Marriage!

Within a few minutes, it became apparent to us 

what was missing in our relationship.

Diana's "Speak Your Truth" strategies cleared the way 

and helped us find our authentic communication style.

Extremely valuable, highly recommend!

Marsha and Bill, Traverse City, MI